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Getting your WINTER-BODY Ready

Earlier this week we got a very nice newsletter from our friends over at Parlor Skis. The title was "time to get your body winter-ready". They outlined some activities you should do while preparing for ski season; hiking, stretching, etc, which is nice. They're right about the timing, but your goal shouldn't be to get your body winter-ready, no, it should be to make sure your winter-body is ready. Here[...]READ MORE

Till I Die Official Press Release

Till I Die Official Press Release Thursday December 21st, 2017 // Killington, VT   As 2017 comes to a close and we reflect on the past year we first want to say thank you for the overwhelming support we have received from our friends, our families, and most importantly our customers. This is not an empty thank you, we would not have been able to sustain this business without you[...]READ MORE

In Search Of Snow: Trading in Skyscrapers for Mountains

Living in New York City for 11 years will change anyone. The same can be said of being part of a ski house in Killington for 7 years. There was NYC, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps and shells out a daily grind like nowhere else. Then there was Killington, the Beast of the East, the town that hot tubs all night and skis all day. I’m not[...]READ MORE

Official Press Release 1.17.17

2016 was a big year for Till I Die. We re-branded the entire business, incorporated in April, had our soft launch in September, and started to optimize our distribution strategy in October with half a dozen ski shops up and down the East Coast bringing in our collection. As we look forward to where we are headed in 2017 some really exciting things are taking place. We are excited and[...]READ MORE

Ski-isms That Can Be Taken Really Wrong: 9 Examples

**DISCLAIMER** The first text message I got this AM was at 6:15 from Mr. Vermont (see: Instagram post from Tuesday). Apparently Powder literally featured this same article that I am posting now - you can read it here. As I spent a good 37 minutes of my life writing this on Wednesday I am still going to post my article as this is a prime example of how challenging it[...]READ MORE

The Top 5 OKCupid Responses To Join A Ski House

Here's the deal. Skiing / Boarding / Winter Sports in general are by enlarge male dominated sports. According to SIA, about 60% of skiers and boarders are men. And if you've ever been to the Pickle Barrel late night you'd tell me that I am high. Probably right. But just because skiing happens to be guy heavy doesn't mean your ski house has to be.

Top 8 Things To Look Forward To When #winteriscoming

Every time I turn around. It could be mid-July, 97 degrees, beach status…. And Winter Is Coming. Yes, winter is coming everywhere… all over my sheets, the walls, every time I close my eyes. But with it comes hope! Every ski season feels like a new beginning. November 1st, the unofficial start of ski season in most places, is basically NYE / Christmas / Kwanzaa / and 4th of July rolled into one awesome weekend for skiers and boarders all over the Northern hemisphere – looking forward to the next 6 months to follow... Till I Die Cue Auld Lang Syne and let’s ring in the New Season boys and girls! Here are the top 8 things to look forward to:

(ski) till i die circa 2011 vs. ski the east circa now

Last night I had a nice chicken dinner, some wine, a little night time fun... so naturally today, I woke up in a glorious mood! Until I went on Instagram and saw that our classic original designs are being imitated by a larger, significantly more established, lifestyle brand - Ski The East.

Working with Friends

Quite simply I want to work on something that matters to me, that I truly enjoy doing, and I want to do it with my friends.