allie caps

// till i die x alliecaps //

In the summer of 2015, Vermont enthusiast and big Phish fan, Allie Cooper, picked up some blank truckers and thread and began sewing state trucker hats to sell in the lot to offset the cost of traveling around the country to see Phish. Throughout the summer she sold over a 100 hats of various states, and the following summer, took it a step further and started making fabric patches of states. Fans were going crazy for AllieCaps, and several people kept asking her for states she didn’t have made to sell, so after the summer, she opened an Etsy shop for her customers to customize their hats right down to the color thread she would sew with. Over the last year, AllieCaps is now in several establishments across the Northeast and also participates in several collabs with some awesome brands. Every AllieCap is handmade so every hat is going to look slightly different from the next making each one unique from the other. Happy adventures!