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// till i die x facet ski co. //

In 2012 we founded the Facet Ski Company.  Embodying the handcrafted quality and tradition of New England craftsmanship, we turned our passion and desire for performance skis into a reality. We retrofitted a garage into a full fledged workshop and started to design and manufacture our Top Quality, High Performance, Handcrafted, Made in America skis.

Rough cut like an unpolished gemstone we found our diamond to be the mountains. It occurred to us that as we break trails and carve down the slopes we cut facets and reveal the intensity of our inner self and the mountain. This reflection is brought out in our skis. Facet Skis, like a diamond, radiate a brilliant fire of color and personality and give victory to those that ride them.

We are meticulous in every step of hand-building each Facet Ski so that every pair in and of itself personifies the intensity of a diamond.  Like a diamond each pair is truly unique in its character and provids an unmatched experience in the mountains.

With the dismal winter the East Coast had during the 2015/2016 season we needed something to pick up our spirits. That's when we ran into the retro look, vintage feel, die hard attitude of the Till I Die crew...