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Till I Die is about how you live your life. Oxymoron? No, not really.

This all started back in 2010...

When we founded our first company, Ski Till I Die.

At the time we didn’t have money to put gas in our car, our designs needed work, and we had no idea what we were doing...

We just loved to (après) ski.

To us, skiing was more than just a recreational activity. It wasn’t a name or an idea. It was a brand that reflected our attitude and a way to live.

When we started to get serious about it, we began to realize that people had the same passion for their sports that we had about skiing.

Hiking, biking, sailing, fishing, snowboarding, whatever… they’re all made up of inclusive and passionate communities.

We thought to ourselves, why can’t we all come together under one brand with one unified message?

So we did.