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Working with Friends

So yesterday, Neal (our web developer and personal friend) told me I need to start writing some blog posts for the website and for my friends to follow, of course… I know, it’s important… it’s also a pain in the ass. What can I write about that’s relevant, engaging, and not overdone? Probably nothing but i’ll try.

While sitting on the train, after several Yeunglings, I started to think about the dynamic in which I have tried to build this company, Till I Die, around. Quite simply I want to work on something that matters to me, that I truly enjoy doing, and I want to do it with my friends.


Starting a company and bringing your friends, or family, on board always has such a negative connotation associated with it. Buy why?


You cant yell at your friends? Sure you can. I actually think it’s easier to have those tough conversations with people I am close with. Can’t fire your friends? Well if you did a good job bringing them on board in the first place you wont have that problem. Stef, I need those new designs yesterday btw.


I, we, however you want to paraphrase it, started this company 6 years ago with my friends. I remember the gchat conversation I had with my buddy Paul when we came up with the concept around Ski Till I Die. Paul has since moved on and we’ve began to evolve this company into something more scalable. But we’re still friends and the company is still moving forward.


Everyone that is currently involved or has been involved is in some capacity a friend, introduced through friends, or has become a friend. And it works.
See, when Till I Die becomes more successful than just being a cult brand, I want to feel like it was a direct result of my friends that have worked on it, supported the idea, and convinced me it was too good of a concept to ever give up on. When I make it, we all make it.


We’re not a success story (yet)… but when we get there, having brought my friends along every step of the way, is going to make it that much more rewarding and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Cheers to everyone who has stood by me and this company since our inception and thank you for coming along for the ride. Now lets really make it happen. I wont let you down.