Artist - Boston, Massachusetts


Laura Howson is a graphic designer / art director based in Boston, MA. An avid skier and après aficionado, she has dedicated her off-piste talents as Creative Director, Brand Manager, and a freelance consultant for several major brands. Laura has a degree in Communications and Computer Science from Boston College and a Masters of Integrated Marketing Communications from Emerson College.

IG: @lahowse

Artist - Los Angeles, California


Paul Garcia splits his time art directing movie posters, fulfilling commissioned art, and producing personal artwork through a variety of different mediums. Since 2007, his clients range from studios such as A24, Netflix, Disney, HULU, Neon, Paramount, Focus Features, Sony, Universal to independent music artists and private collections. Currently based in Los Angeles, CA, Paul studied illustration at Pratt institute in Brooklyn, New York.


IG: @paul_garcia_art

Artist - Portland, Oregon


Matt Jones has called the Pacific Northwest his home for 22 years. He owns his own photography studio UnruhJones where he works as a set builder, art director, storyboard artist and photo stylist. Matt is well versed in numerous facets of creating whether it be visual or audio, which has led to many exciting opportunities as an artist. He loves collaborations and strives to constantly broaden his portfolio. Matt is originally from Pennsylvania.

IG: @lost_art_found

IG: @unruhjones

Artist - Portland, Oregon


Brandon is a Creative Director in Portland, OR that specializes in Motion Design. His work sits at the intersection of new technologies and modernist styles, often built around programmatic algorithms and then filtered through vintage techniques, which sounds pretty damn pretentious when you say it out loud. He’s a proud Pacific Northwesterner that came up in the snowboard/action sports video and design world and he’s never wanted to shake off the fierce DIY spirit and sense of adventure he cultivated in those early years. He occasionally bleeds in his studio when making stained glass, and then switches to generative art and pen plotters while he heals. Brandon likes to make weird stuff and then make the weird stuff move, he listens to far too much metal, and has never said no to the offer of a donut.


IG: @brandonschoessler

Artist - Newark, Delaware


Bryan Louie is an Illustrator, Designer and Art Director who has worked worldwide for over 15 years for Brands, Agencies and Studios in the fields of Motion Graphics, Interactive, Experiential and Print.


Artist - Portland, Oregon


Nathan McKee is an artist and illustrator who lives and works in Portland, Oregon. McKee’s illustrations, sculptures, murals and paper cutouts utilize simple lines and flat color, and are inspired by growing up in the 80’s. His work is based on memories from his youth as well as his current day surroundings. His works have been included in exhibitions around the world and clients have included but not limited to Bleacher Report, Adidas, Green Room, Gatorade, CCS and Converse. McKee has studied at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.


IG: @nathan_mckee_art

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